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Because nobody likes it when their things expire, a quick reminder about points and points expiry:

  • All points earned in the Access Joico Rewards Program are subject to a rolling 18-month expiration policy, meaning that points earned in Month 1 will expire in Month 19 ONLY if they have not been used. For more information, please review Program Rules section.

  • Points are updated on a monthly basis. You may log in at any time to review your points balance.

  • Points will only be awarded after meeting the monthly minimum purchase requirement of $300. If the $300 minimum is not met, points will not be awarded for that month.

  • Reward ordering policy: Your reward Order Total must use a MINIMUM of 3,500 total points when ordering. The 3,500 total points can be made up of more than one (1) reward item to meet the minimum total points required of 3,500